BSSW "Arley/28" Shaving Brush
BSSW "Arley/28" Shaving Brush
BSSW "Arley/28" Shaving Brush

Arley 28 & 30mm

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Arley is one of our first and most enduring shaving brush designs.  Available in 26, 28, and 30mm sizes, every Arley is meticulously hand-crafted in the handle colors you select from our Resin Inventory, and filled with your choice of the badger hairs described in the BSSW section of this page.

Approximate Dimensions 

Socket Diameter 26mm
28mm 30mm
Total Height 102mm 104mm 106mm
Handle Height 50mm 52mm 54mm
Bristle Loft 52mm 52mm 54mm

 Every Arley comes with complete Usage & Care Instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, backed by our one-year written Warranty.

The Arley is also available from Morris & Forndran

BSSW "Arley/28" Shaving Brush