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Tell Me About Your Knots

What kinds of Knots do you offer?

Can I get any other knots?

Tell Me more about the Morris & Forndran Knots

How to Place an Order

Our Order Process

How Do I Pay for My Brush?

Shipping & Handling

Domestic U.S. and APO addresses

International Orders

How quickly do you ship orders?

What is your Shipping Address?

Our Return Policy

Return Policy

Brush Care & More!

How to Care for (and Feed) Your New Shaving Brush

How to Build Terrific Lather

Special Orders?

Do you still offer Special Orders?

Can I order a special or new Handle Design?

Who owns a custom design?

Do You Sell Your Handles Without a Knot?

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes, we do

Information Security

Is My Personal Information Secure?

What handle options do you offer?

What Handle Materials do you have?

Can I special order other handle materials?

Can I supply my own handle material?