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Frequently Asked Questions

Brush Care & More!

How to Care for (and Feed) Your New Shaving Brush

How to Build Terrific Lather

How to Place an Order

Our Order Process

How Do I Pay for My Brush?

Shipping & Handling

Domestic U.S. and APO addresses

International Orders

How quickly do you ship orders?

What is your Shipping Address?

Our Return Policy

Return Policy

Special Orders?

Do you still offer Special Orders?

Can I order a special or new Handle Design?

Who owns a custom design?

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes, we do

What if I sell my brush within the guarantee period?

Information Security

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Tell Me About Your Knots

What kinds of Knots do you offer?

Can I get any other knots?

Tell Me more about the Morris & Forndran Knots

What handle options do you offer?

What Handle Materials do you have?

Can I special order other handle materials?

Can I supply my own handle material?