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Brad Sears ShaveWorks

Custom Brad Sears Shaving Brushes

A first-tier shaving brush goes far beyond creation of lather for your daily shave.  Its elegance soothes the senses.  It conforms to your hand like a glove while its bristles gently massage your face. 

Brad Sears ShaveWorks distinguishes itself by offering flexibility which eclipses that of other makers by offering you the expanded ability to combine your choice of handle styles, colours, and knot specifications into a fully hand-crafted brush that is uniquely yours.

At Brad Sears ShaveWorks we take our commitment to you very seriously.  Of course we want our brushes to exceed your expectations; but we also want your experience with us to be enjoyable, simple, and above all rewarding.

So, as you peruse our brushes, feel free to ask any questions you want.  And if you have a specific need (a larger or smaller handle, for example), please visit  our Special Request section to see some additional ways we might be of service.

Kindly allow one-to-two weeks to receive your custom Brad Sears (BSSW) brush.

Sadly, due to U.S. import/export regulations governing products containing animal hair, we can only ship to U.S. and APO/FPO addresses.