See the Morris & Forndran Style 1, Our February Brush of the Month

Brad Sears ShaveWorks

Hand-crafted Bespoke and ReadyMade

Morris & Forndran and Brad Sears Shaving Brushes

Nancy, my wife and business partner, and I make custom shaving brushes.  I make our brush handles by hand in our Maryland Eastern Shore workshop.  Each step, from selecting, cutting, forming, and assembling components to hand turning, sanding, buffing, and polishing is performed by me.  I obsess over everything from design nuances to the special-order adhesives that hold everything together to the state-of-the-art inks that bear our logos. 

Such hand work requires time and attention to fine detail.  While we try to fill orders within reasonable timeframes, I do not rush.  Every brush is completed to the best of our abilities.  Our patrons deserve no less.

Since 2016, we have been honored to collaborate with world-renowned knot maker Lee Sabini creating Morris & Forndran brush handles by hand, as described above.  Nancy ships finished handles to Mr. Sabini in the U.K. where he imprints each handle and hand-ties and fits the knots to align with each brush's design purpose or, with bespoken brushes, its new owner's requirements.

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