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As of October 3, 2016, Brad Sears Shave Works ("BSSW") is delighted to announce a collaboration with Morris & Forndran, one of the finest names in Shaving Brushes.

Under this arrangement, Brad will be making legacy Morris & Forndran brush handles alongside his own handle designs--all by hand on a manual wood lathe in his one-man shop located on the Maryland Eastern Shore.  Finished handles will be carefully packed and shipped to the U.K. where Lee Sabini of Morris & Forndran will hand craft each knot to fit each specific handle.  

The end result is a return to truly hand-crafted shaving brushes painstakingly handmade by master craftsmen the way they were 100 (and more) years ago.

October 20 Update:
With two weeks of larger-scale production under our belts, it looks like we might not be able to resume taking orders until the end of November. Again, this is our best estimate based on current production throughput, which is subject to change as we move forward. We will continue to post updates on our FaceBook page as well as on several of the Shaving Forums.

If you would like to receive email updates, please let us know through our Contact Form.

We appreciate your patience and sincerely regret this inconvenience to our many friends in the Wet Shaving Community.  

We will be back as soon as possible!


Our Shaving Brushes come gift-boxed with complete usage & care instructions--backed by a One-Year Written Guarantee.

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