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Welcome to Brad Sears Shave Works!

Makers of Distinctive Wet Shaving Accoutrements


Brad Sears ShaveWorks is a small husband and wife business located on the Maryland Eastern Shore about half an hour from the Chesapeake Bay!  We are dedicated to producing some of the finest completely handcrafted shaving brushes available in the world today.  

To that end, we offer shaving brushes in our own classically-inspired designs and, through our collaboration with world-renowned English knotmaker Lee Sabini, the iconic Morris & Forndran patterns.  Under this arrangement, Brad hand crafts Morris & Forndran brush handles as well as our own, by hand, on a manual wood lathe in our Maryland Eastern Shore workshop.

Brush handles slated for Morris & Forndran knots are carefully packed and shipped to the U.K. where Lee hand crafts each knot to fit each specific handle.  At the same time, brushes to be filled with our Silvertip Badger are completely finished in the USA!

The end result is a return to truly hand-crafted shaving brushes painstakingly handmade by master craftsmen much the way brushes were made 100 (and more) years ago.   


Shaving Brush Lead Times

The Lead Time for new
Morris & Forndran brushes is averaging about Three Months
roughly Two Weeks for a new BSSW brush. 

We regret that we are no longer able to ship brushes outside the U.S.

Why Wait?

Check out our Limited Stock of Ready Made Shaving Brushes available for Immediate Delivery! 

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