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Our Story

Photo of Brad Sears

The idea behind Brad Sears Shave Works was born in late 2012 when Brad, a retired I.T. executive turned professional studio wood turner, together with his wife Nancy, a former auditor and accountant, who manages office and quality control functions, set out to create a line of classically-inspired shaving brushes.

Joining several shaving forums, Brad submitted his new brush designs for critique by fellow wet shaving enthusiasts.  From their comments and commissions emerged new classically-inspired shaving brush patterns, the most popular of which are offered for your consideration on this website.

In 2016, Brad and Nancy partnered with world-renowned knot maker Lee Sabini, owner of the firm of Morris & Forndran and former owner of 200 year old R.A. Rooney & Sons, Ltd.  Leveraging their global Internet presence, order management, and customer service infrastructure, Brad & Nancy create Rooney and Morris & Forndran pattern shaving brush handles by hand--handles that were formerly produced in large numbers on computer-controlled (CNC) lathes by Rooney, Morris & Forndran, and different subcontractors hired and, in at least one case, trained by Mr. Sabini to provide detailed design and/or overflow production services.

This collaboration represented a significant paradigm shift for both Morris & Forndran and Brad & Nancy.  For Morris & Forndran, it was a shift from an industrial, CNC mindset to one centered around hand-crafted custom orders. For Brad and Nancy, it meant a dramatic expansion in brand recognition, which necessitated significant business model restructuring.

Much has evolved over the years with new and refined brush designs joining the "tried and true" patterns with (hopefully) more to come.

Brad and Nancy can be reached through their "Contact" page on this website or by phone at +(570) 807-8100.