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Our Story

Photo of Brad Sears

The idea behind Brad Sears Shave Works was born in late 2012 when Brad, a professional studio wood turner, together with his wife Nancy (who manages our office functions), set out to develop a more comfortable shaving brush that adheres to time-proven design and ergonomic principles.

Joining several shaving forums, Brad submitted several of his new brush designs for critique by fellow wet shaving enthusiasts.  From their comments and commissions emerged new classically-inspired shaving brush patterns, the most popular of which are offered for your consideration.

Our philosophy harkens back to a slower time--a time when shaving brushes were created one at a time by highly trained master craftsmen using detailed engineering drawings, meticulously constructed wooden reference patterns and hand-held calipers to aid a finely trained eye.  Such shaving brushes are a delight to behold and a pleasure to use.

Because our shaving brushes are fully hand-crafted as opposed to the computer-controlled industrial production typified by modern shaving brush makers, each brush is slightly different.  Like the classic Purdy, Holland & Holland and Boss double guns, these subtle differences assure the owner that his (or her!) shaving brush is unique in all the world!

And because each brush is hand-made, our production is limited to 15--30 brushes a week.  Therefore, you will probably need to wait a while before your brush is ready for delivery.  In this--as in many other worthwhile endeavors--your patience will be rewarded!

In that regard, Brad adheres to the old-fashioned notion that each shaving brush that leaves his studio represents a bond of trust with its new owner--a promise that it is both beautiful and will function flawlessly for years to come. 

We can be reached through the "Contact" page of this website or by phone at +(570) 807-8100.