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Our Resin Inventory

Here you can see the cast polyester resins we use to create our Shaving Brushes.  Please check to be sure the resin you want is in stock before ordering.

Resin Up to 26mm Brushes  28mm and Larger
Cream Alpolina Yes (also 28mm 2XL) Yes Cream Alpolina
Amber Yes (also 28mm 2XL) No Amber resin
Briarwood Yes Yes Briarwood
Butterscotch (English) Yes Yes Butterscotch ("English")
Cobalt Blue Yes Yes
Coral Yes Yes Coral Resin example
Disco Haze Yes Yes Disco Haze
Ebony Yes Yes Ebony
Horn Yes Yes Horn
Ivory Yes Yes Col.849/TM Alternative Ivory
Jade Yes Yes Jade
Lapis Lazuli Yes Yes Lapis Lazuli
Lemon Drop Yes Yes Lemon Drop
Lime Yes


Moonjava Yes Yes Moonjava
Pearlescent Pink No Longer Available No Pearlescent Pink
Tigris Perla Yes Yes Tigris Pearla
Tortoiseshell  Yes Yes Tortoiseshell