Our Rod Inventory

The resins shown below are representative samples of the Polyester resins we use to create our shaving brush handles.

Please note: 

  • Due to different lighting conditions and monitors, the colors of the brush you receive may differ from the colors shown below..
Resin Comments 
Cream Alpolina Pattern typically combines straight and wavy "lines." It's the nature of this resin.
Black Marble

(Except 28mm Beehive and Gonzo)

Black Marble Polyester
Cobalt Except Beehive


Except Beehive

Disco Haze Disco Haze Resin

Ivory (Col.849 Alternative) 

Antique Ivory


Antique Ivory Heritage 2XL
Lime Except Beehive


Moonjava BSSW Knight in Moonjava

Passionate Pink

Purple Haze

Red, Black/White Stripe

(Except 28mm Beehive and Gonzo)
Red, Black/White Stripe Polyester

Red Marble

Very Low Stock (1 more brush)

(Except 28mm Beehive and Gonzo)

Red Marble Polyester
Tigris Perla Tigris Perla

 No longer available


Turquoise Stone

(Except 28mm Beehive and Gonzo)
Turquoise Stone