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The Arley by Brad Sears ShaveWorks

Arley 26/28/30mm

$ 175.00

Arley is one of our first shaving brush designs, pre-dating even the ShaveWorks name.  Originally called the "Big Guy" turned in Macassar ebony and mesquite, several of our friends rapidly prevailed on us to re-name this brush in honor of our mutual friend Arley.  Bowing to some not-so-subtle pressure from a group of friends, Big Guy became Arley--and remains so to this day.

Although the Arley name has remained, its design has evolved over the years, both in materials--from wood to the more functional cast polyester--and shape becoming even more user-friendly.  Arley has remaining a consistent seller throughout. 

Arley is hand-crafted in three sizes: 26, 28, and 30mm.  Arley handle colors may be selected from our Resin Inventory, while our badger hairs are described on this page.

Approximate Dimensions 

Socket Diameter 26mm 28mm 30mm
Total Height 102mm 103mm 113mm
Handle Height 50mm 54mm 57mm
Bristle Loft 52mm 52mm 56mm


The Arley comes with complete Usage & Care Instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, backed by our one-year written Warranty.

The Arley is also available from Morris & Forndran

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