See the Morris & Forndran Style 1, Our February Brush of the Month

Pug Shaving Brush


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As charming and clever as its canine namesake, Pug was initially created as a candidate Limited-Edition brush for one of the traditional shaving forums.  Although the forum sponsors chose a modified design, we remained intrigued by Pug's classic elegance. So on a lark, we sent Pug over to the U.K. and asked Morris & Forndran to fill him with their latest batch of Finest Badger hair.

Pug raised so much interest we now offer him here in our Custom Collection, so you can order Pug in the material of your choice from our Resin Inventory filled with your pick of Morris & Forndran's 2-band Finest or 3-band Super Badger in Fan, Hybrid or Bulb shapes.

We envision Pug as an alternative to the Chubby-style shaving brushes.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Total height: 96mm
  • Handle height:  48mm
  • Bristle loft: 48mm
  • Socket diameter: 28mm