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BSSW Select Badger Beehive (Front view)

Beehive Mod. 1

$ 195.00

Over the past months, we've been approached by several patrons asking for a Rooney-pattern Beehive shaving brush to fit a 28mm knot. Their requests made a lot of sense because the old hand-turned Rooneys have, by now, become cherished collector's items.

The largest challenge to creating a 28mm Beehive was that the old Rooneys were made to fit smaller 20-24mm knots.  That meant a scaled-up 28mm version would have required a handle slightly over 2" in diameter--basically a Billiard Ball. Now a Beehive that large might have worked for an NBA Forward, but for us mere mortals...not so much. 

Back to the drawing board.

After creating a number of different variants on paper and a couple quite  "entertaining" attempts at the lathe, we were able to fashion a Beehive that faithfully captures the spirit of the old Rooneys with a near-ideal 42mm diameter.

The BSSW Beehive is hand-turned in 28mm size in Cream Alpolina (shown), Col.849/TM Alternative Ivory, or pure white Porcelain resins and filled with our 2-band Select or 3-band Super Badger.

As with all BSSW brushes, the Beehive comes gift-boxed with complete usage and care instructions and a written one-year limited warranty.

Approximate Dimensions
Total height:  101mm
Bristle loft:  51mm
Handle height:  50mm
Handle diameter (max.):  42mm
Socket diameter:  28mm

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