Some unsolicited comments from our patrons.

"Hi Nancy,  I have tried many different brushes over the past 8 years and I have finally found the best!!"  - Nick

"Hi Brad and Nancy,
Received my two brushes today.  Looking at them while I’m writing.  Both are beautiful. Your workmanship is truly outstanding.  And the knots—what can I say, they are possibly the best in the world.  You can’t get any better than that. I’d be hard pressed to pick just one.  Maybe that’s why I ordered two.  Thank you for helping with the whole process."  - Grant

I just saw the brush (I was out of town). I have to say you guys did a fantastic job!  Thank you so much for accommodating my request." - Todd

Just wanted to let you know that I received my brush a couple of days ago.  
Thank you very much. It's a stunning looking brush."  - Steven

"Nancy, The brush looks amazing as usual.  Please tell Brad nice work!" - Chris

"Exquisite craftsmanship" - Max

"Exceptional shaving brushes. Awesome." - Nikola

"Brad’s brushes are the best of any I’ve used (and that’s a LOT)! His knots rival those found in the coveted “big name” brands from 10-15 years ago. This is a 5 star ⭐️ maker with a 5 star ⭐️ team running it (Brad & Nancy)!"  - David