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The Preacher Hand-Crafted Shaving Brush by Brad Sears Shave Works


$ 175.00

Named in honor of our intrepid friend Todd, the Preacher is elegantly styled to provide a wonderful shaving experience. The Preacher ideally designed for bowl lathering (although we know of at least owner who uses his for bowl lathering!)

The Preacher is hand-crafted in three sizes:

  • 26mm and 28mm Preachers may be filled with our 1704C2x 2-band Silvertip,  1804A2x 2-band Select Badge, or 3-band Super Badger.
  • 30mm Preachers are filled with our 1704C2x 2-band Silvertip Badger in Fan and Bulb, and 1801A2B Bulb.

Like all our shaving brushes, the Preacher is made to your order.  That means your Preacher is hand-crafted in colors to suit your distinctive style.  Check out our Rod Inventory to see the wide variety of colors available. 

Approximate Dimensions

Socket Diameter 26mm 28mm 30mm
Total Height 112mm 117mm 119mm
Handle Height 60mm 63mm 65mm
Bristle Loft 52mm 54mm 54mm


The Preacher comes with complete Usage & Care Instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and is backed by our one-year written Warranty.

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