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The Chichester Shaving Brush in Purple Haze

The Chichester

$ 145.00

The Chichester is our interpretation of the vintage Rubberset B-25, 34, and 46 shaving brushes.  Originally intended to be "Traveler's Shaving Brushes," that pattern has been the foundation of numerous shaving brushes by major manufacturers and hobbyists alike.

In designing the Chichester, we lengthened the handle, gave it a more ergonomic curve.  At the same time, we straightened and slimmed the ferrule to impart a classic elegance while  remaining true to the original design.

The Chichester is hand-crafted in three sizes:  26mm, 28mm, and 30mm.

  • The 26mm Chichester is filled with our 3-Band 1503A2 Special Badger in either Fan or Bulb profiles
  • The 28mm and 30mm Chichesters are filled with our 2-band bulb-shaped 1801A2B Select Badger.

As with all BSSW shaving brushes, the Chichester comes gift boxed with complete usage & care instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and one-year warranty.

Approximate Dimensions 

Socket Diameter 26mm 28mm 30mm
Total Height 115mm 121mm 122mm
Handle Height 63mm 68mm 68mm
Bristle Loft 52mm 53mm 54mm


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