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Select Badger Gus 26 In Jade and Briarwood

Gus 26, Select Badger, Jade and Briarwood

$ 180.00

Named for our ever-faithful Labradoodle, Gus is a new interpretation of a classic design.  In early 2018, we were approached by a patron who asked if we would be willing to create a slightly enlarged bi-colour variant of the Somerset-era Eagle, a brush we've long admired.  But after getting our hands on one, we felt there was room for improvement.  After a few tries, we were able to create a brush that felt good in our admittedly large hands and, more importantly, delighted the patron. 

Still believing there was room for improvement, we continued to experiment off and on with the Gus design, eventually giving the handle a slightly shorter, more defined collar, lowering the base, slightly lengthening the handle, adding a small grove just above the base, and adjusting the width of the collar band.  The end result is a crisper, more balanced design with what we believe to be a near-perfect grip.

The Gus offered here is hand-crafted in rich Jade resin with a Briarwood resin collar, filled with our 2-band Select Badger hair.

Intended primarily as a face lathering brush, we find Gus equally at home in a bowl or scuttle.  Like its four-legged namesake, a 26mm Super Badger Gus is one of our favorite traveling companions.

This Gus comes to you with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, complete usage & care instructions, and our written one-year limited warranty.

Approximate Dimensions
Total height:  100mm
Bristle loft:  48mm
Handle height:  52mm
Handle diameter (max.):  42.8mm
Socket diameter:  26mm
Hair:  2-Band Select Badger

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