Polo by Morris & Forndran
Polo by Morris & Forndran
Polo by Morris & Forndran


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The Polo by Morris & Forndran is the quintessential bowl lathering brush. 

Shown above in Purple Haze Polyester resin, the Polo is hand turned in three sizes in your choice of our new acrylic or the more traditional polyester resins shown in our Resin Inventory and filled with your choice of Morris & Forndran's hand tied 2-band Finest Badger or their luxurious 3-band Super Badger. 

The highly regarded Blonde Badger is often available, at Finest Badger prices, simply by ordering a Finest Badger brush and requesting Blonde Badger in the Comments section of the order form.

Tracing its roots back to the early 20th century, the Polo by Morris & Forndran remains essentially unchanged to this day.

Approximate Dimensions

Socket Diameter 26mm 28mm 30mm
Total Height 111mm 117mm 124mm
Handle Height 63mm 67mm 70mm
Bristle Loft 48mm 50mm 52mm


    Polo by Morris & Forndran