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Morris & Forndran Chalice

Chalice 28, Morris & Forndran

$ 225.00

Named for its medieval forerunner, the Morris & Forndran Chalice is  new design with a distinguished heritage. Like it's BSSW cousin, Chalice draws inspiration directly from the Rubberset 2500 of the 1950's, from which the Rooney/Morris & Forndran Style 3 is also derived.   At the same time, Chalice borrows its flaired handle from the old Vulfix 2200 series.  In summary, Chalice marries classic elegance with modern ergonomics--and has become one of the brushes we find ourselves reaching for most often.  

Turned in one size on a manually-controlled wood lathe, Chalice may be filled in 2-band Finest or 3-band Super Badger hair in knots hand-tied by by master knotmaker Lee Sabini.

Approximate Dimensions

Total height:  120mm
Bristle loft:  52mm
Handle height:  66mm
Socket diameter:  28mm

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