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3XL Shaving Brush by Morris & Forndran


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The 3XL is the largest of the iconic Morris & Forndran XL shaving brushes, considered by many to be one of the finest shaving brush designs ever made.  Lee began designing the XL series of shaving brushes, together with several others, in the early 2000's after buying the 200+ year-old R.A. Rooney & Sons Ltd. from the last Mrs. Rooney.   

The 3XL may be ordered with a single resin handle--and, at extra cost, with a stylish contrasting belt.  (You can select your Handle material(s) from our Resin Inventory.) 

The 3XL is filled with Morris & Forndran's 2-band Finest or 3-band Super Badger in Fan, Hybrid or bulb shapes.

    Details & Approximate Dimensions

    • Total height: 102mm
    • Handle height: 52mm
    • Bristle loft: 50mm
    • Socket diameter: 30mm