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3XXL Single-Ring, Select Series, Sand Ebonite

3XXL Single-Ring, Select Series, Sand Ebonite

$ 297.00

The 3XXL Single-Ring shaving brush is a recent re-design of the classic Rooney single-ring 2XL "Stubby."  Offered here with a Sand Ebonite handle filled with our 2-band 1907 Select Series badger hair offering firm backbone yet with soft tips.  (Please see our Knot Properties page for a comprehensive description.)

At ~49mm tall, the re-designed single-ring 3XXL is approximately 3mm shorter and 2-3mm wider than the current 2-ring 3XL.

The single-ring 3XXL re-design came about after a long-time patron asked us to bring back the Rooney-pattern 3XXL shaving brush but in a shortened form.  With encouragement from Lee Sabini, designer of the original XXL pattern, we developed a prototype that greatly exceeded our expectations--so much so that that prototype has become part of our regular brush rotation.  From this prototype we expanded the single-ring concept to include 2XXL along with 2XL and 3XL versions. 

Although intended as a face lathering brush, we find the single-ring 3XXL equally at home in a bowl or scuttle.  And, as with all shaving brushes offered on this website, this single-ring 3XXL was lathe-turned and hand-finished by master wood turner and brush maker Brad Sears on a 700-lb manually-controlled wood lathe (a Powermatic 3520B) in our Maryland Eastern Shore workshop.

Due to the very limited amount of Ebonite material on hand, we regret that we are unable to accept Ebonite custom brush orders at this time.

 Approximate Dimensions

  • Total height: 96.5mm
  • Handle height:  48.8mm
  • Handle diameter (max.):  46.7mm
  • Bristle loft: 55.4mm
  • Socket diameter: 30.1mm 
  • Hair:  2-band 1907 Select Series Badger

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