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30mm Select Badger Adams

30mm Select Badger Adams

$ 250.00

Originally conceived as a smaller face lathering brush, a long-time patron asked if we would be interested in creating a larger 30mm version of the redoubtable Adams.  Intrigued, we sat down with the original Adams pattern and, after making a few subtle design changes, assembled a handle blank from four pieces of polyester resin. 

As soon as we removed the freshly-turned handle from the lathe we knew we had something very special:  a handle sized for bowl lathering that felt like the best face lathering brush we'd ever held.  (We admittedly have fairly large hands that tend to cramp-up with traditional face lathering brushes; so we usually reach for a Knight, Polo, Emillion, or Chalice.)

However, the weight-forward balance of the Adams/30 was so compelling, we assembled a second blank and turned the brush offered here.  Like the original 30mm Adams, this brush is filled with our 30mm 2-band Select Badger characterized by soft tips and moderate backbone for good exfoliation without the harshness occasionally found in other brushes of this type.

As with all BSSW shaving brushes, the Adams/30 comes gift boxed with complete usage & care instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and one-year warranty.

Approximate Dimensions 
Total height:  115mm
Bristle loft:  52mm
Handle height:  63mm
Socket diameter:  30mm
Bristle profile:  Bulb

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