Morris & Forndran Legacy Badger

Legacy Badger Shaving Brushes Finely Hand Crafted in the Traditional English Manner

The Rooney/Morris & Forndran Finest and Heritage Badger shaving brushes of a decade and more ago are fondly remembered by many and highly prized by those who own them.  Unavailable for years, supplies of the distinctive Badger hairs that filled these storied brushes have recently come to light.  Morris & Forndran is honored to reintroduce them.    

Heritage II ("Blonde") Badger

Morris & Forndran 2-band Heritage II “Blonde” badger is the first legacy hair to be reintroduced.  Heritage II hair is thinner with less taper than Morris & Forndran’s current, and admittedly excellent, Finest and Blonde hairs.  Thinner hair naturally allows more hair fibers to be employed in knot manufacture. This combination of more, thinner hair yields a very dense yet flexible knot with excellent "scrub" without "wall of badger" harshness.  Similarly, the Heritage II tips have a soft, silky feel with little to no "scritch."  Heritage II brushes lather easily with the hardest soaps yet handle the softer creams with alacrity.

A worthy successor to the legendary Heritage badger, we have assigned the Roman numeral 'II' to this hair to avoid confusion with the original.

Heritage II shaving brushes will be offered at lofts between 52mm and 54mm.


As with all Morris & Forndran shaving brushes, master knot maker Lee Sabini carefully inspects, sorts, combs, weighs, and hand-ties the Heritage II hair to create knots that precisely fit each brush handle.  Mr. Sabini then applies the Morris & Forndran logo and provenance, and sets each knot using a combination of time-honored techniques and precisely formulated state of the art adhesives.

Because the Legacy Badger hairs are special, Morris & Forndran is pleased to offer them in special handles.

As with all current generation Morris & Forndran shaving brushes, Legacy brush handles are made completely by hand.  Each component is carefully measured, fitted, hand turned on a heavy-duty professional wood lathe, and hand-finished to gem-like quality.

Our Patrons repeatedly opine that Morris & Forndran shaving brushes stand among the world's finest.  We believe the Legacy brushes honor that tradition.