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Welcome to Brad Sears Shave Works!

Makers of Distinctive Wet Shaving Accoutrements

Brad Sears ShaveWorks creates traditional shaving brushes for the discerning gentleman who looks beyond the sameness and mediocrity that pervades contemporary culture. Our shaving brushes reflect the spirit of master craftsmen whose meticulously refined skills have been honed by the experience of decades. Their tools and techniques are time-honored. Their discipline would have been welcomed in the workshops of brush makers 100 and more years ago.

Through collaboration with world-renowned knot maker Lee Sabini, we are the maker of Morris & Forndran brush handles and are the sole purveyor of Morris & Forndran shaving brushes to the United States.  As with all our brushes, Morris & Forndran brush handles are crafted on a manual wood lathe in our Maryland Eastern Shore workshop before being packed and shipped to Morris & Forndran in the United Kingdom.  There, Mr. Sabini imprints the Morris & Forndran logo and provenance before hand tying knots (bristles) to fit each individual handle.  Morris & Forndran are one of only two or three firms we know of who follow this practice.  This is a tradition we are honored to support.

Similarly, the knots that fill our BSSW brushes are hand-crafted to our detailed specifications by carefully selected makers in China. Through a time-intensive sampling/refinement process, we test and validate both our specifications--and the prospective knot maker's ability to meet those specifications--before engaging them to produce the knots that fill our handles. Even then, every shipment is carefully tested to ensure compliance with these specifications before the first knot is offered to you, our Patrons.

“I just used the brush for the first time and it was amazing!  You were spot on with the knot recommendation.  It was so soft (probably the softest badger I own) and just the right amount of backbone.  The handle looks even better in person and feels awesome in the hand.  I am thoroughly impressed.” -Ryan D.  (Brad’s comment:  Ryan refers to his new Chichester with a 26mm Special Badger knot.)