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The Gonzo Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory resin handle filled with 2-Band Manchurian badger hair

The Gonzo/26

$ 175.00

The Gonzo/26 is a more compact version of our ever-popular Gonzo--now available in either 2-Band Silvertip or Morris & Forndran Blonde or Finest Badger! 

The original Gonzo (shown) was hand crafted from col.849/TM alternative ivory--a polyester resin with the look of real elephant ivory!  However over the past year, Gonzo's have been created in a variety of materials.  (Please see our Rod Inventory page to see what's available; also, we will be offering 2-Band Silvertip knots in mid-April.)

For a special touch, you may also order a Gonzo in with a different-colored ferrule, like the example below.

The Gonzo Shaving Brush in ebony and copper-bronze resin filled with 3-band Manchurian Badger

The BSSW Gonzo comes gift boxed with complete usage and care instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and our one-year written warranty!

Approx. Dimensions The Gonzo/26
Total Height 103mm
Handle Height 53mm
Loft 52mm (Fan)
54mm (Bulb)
Handle Diameter 35mm
Knot Diameter 26mm
Weight 90 grams

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