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The Poly Shaving Brush by Brad Sears Shave Works

In a world of mass production "sameness" and "throwaway" Brad Sears Shave Works designs and creates shaving brushes that stand out from the crowd.  As a result, we have become recognized as one of the finest custom shaving brush makers in the world.  We are humbled by that recognition knowing that our reputation stands or falls with every brush that leaves our workshop.  We therefore stand behind every shaving brush with a one-year written warranty that stays with the brush, even if it's sold by its original owner. 

We create our shaving brushes one at a time.  Our handles are carefully hand crafted by master woodturner Brad Sears using traditional hand tools and skills acquired over many years of meticulous craftsmanship.  Our brush handles are polished to gem-like brightness while our knots are hand made to our specifications by master craftsmen in a small workshop in China and our Morris & Forndran brushes are hand knotted by Lee Sabini in the U.K.  In short, all of our shaving brushes are created by hand using techniques very much like those used 150 years ago.
Our shaving brushes are not for everyone.  But if you're ready to step up to a truly handcrafted shaving brush, we will be honored to be of service.  


"Brad, all I can say is: Money well spent! The Brush performed wonderfully. Killed that soap! Hats off to you Sir."

- Anthony, NJ

Our friend Marty Pape uses his new One-of-a-Kind BSSW Shave Brush, which he named, "The Mango" with Kilted Tiki soap and shares an important Public Service Announcement.  Enjoy!!!