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S7/26 by Brad Sears ShaveWorks, Select Badger, Nachtgras Ebonite

S7/26, Select Badger, Nachtgras Ebonite

$ 260.00

Developed in late 2012, the S7 is one of our earliest shaving brush patterns.  The lower "handle" portion pays tribute to the Morris & Forndran L7 while ferrule while the ferrule is loosely patterned after the muzzle of a 16th-century Spanish cannon.

Available for the first time in Ebonite, this S7 shaving brush was completely hand-crafted on a manually-controlled wood lathe in a lovely German Ebonite redolent of a windblown wheat field on a starlit night.  Filled with with our hand-tied 2-band Select Badger hair known for soft tips and moderate backbone.

Ebonite is a form of hard vulcanized rubber produced in southern Germany.  Food-graded by the Fresius Institut, Ebonite has a beautiful appearance and an incomparably warm feel. 

Although comparatively expensive, Ebonite machines easily given high lathe speeds and the gentle application of razor-sharp tools.  This type of turning requires a fair amount of skill; but when executed with care, Ebonite rewards the diligent practitioner with an incredibly lustrous result.  (If you look carefully, you can see my reflection near the bottom of the handle.)

Approximate Dimensions

  • Total height: 112mm
  • Handle height:  66mm
  • Handle diameter (max.):  40mm
  • Bristle loft: 46mm

This first of its kind Ebonite S7 comes gift boxed with complete usage & care instructions, a one-year written warranty, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Socket diameter: 26mm 
  • Hair:  2-band Select Badger

This Ebonite S7 comes gift boxed, with usage and care instructions, a written one-year warranty, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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