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Morris & Forndran 26mm Super Badger Polo in Lime

Morris & Forndran 26mm Super Badger Polo in Lime

$ 200.00

The Polo by Morris & Forndran is the quintessential bowl lathering brush.  Tracing its roots back to the early 20th century, the Morris & Forndran Polo remains essentially unchanged to this day.

This 26mm Polo is hand-turned in brilliant Lime resin by master wood turner Brad Sears on a manually-controlled wood lathe and filled with M&F's luxurious Super Badger hair, hand tied by master knotmaker Lee Sabini in the U.K. specifically for this brush.  Said differently, this brush is made entirely by hand, in time-honored tradition, without the aid of computer-driven machinery.  By combining the talents and experience of two masters of the brush makers' art, you are assured that your Morris & Forndran shaving brush is unique in all the world!

Details & Approximate Dimensions

  • Handle color: Lime resin
  • Total height: 112mm
  • Bristle loft: 48mm
  • Socket diameter: 26mm
  • Knot shape: Hybrid
  • Hair: Super Badger

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