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BSSW Select Badger L7 in Black Honey Ebonite

BSSW Select Badger L7 in Black Honey Ebonite

$ 280.00


While filling our most recent order of Ebonite brushes, we decided to turn this L7 from our last remaining piece of Black Honey Ebonite.  Needless to say, we were quite delighted with the result.  As the dappled brown coating was turned away, some of the nicest colors we've seen in an Ebonite handle came to the fore.  This was particularly delightful because turning Ebonite is much like turning a fine wood burl as one never knows exactly what lies beneath the surface.

Ebonite is a form of hard, vulcanized rubber manufactured in the Black Forest region of Southwest Germany.  Ebonite has been used for over a century in the manufacture of premium fountain pens and, for the past several decades, in fine woodwind instruments, pipe stems, and over the last five years, in limited numbers of shaving brushes.  We are delighted that several discerning owners rate our Ebonite brushes among the finest available.

This BSSW L7 is filled with our hand-tied 2-band Select Badger hair for a luxurious shave.

By popular request, we now imprint the BSSW logo on the base of our BSSW Ebonite brushes to allow the beauty of this rich material to show through unhindered.

Approximate Dimensions
Total height:  110mm
Bristle loft:  45mm
Handle height:  65mm
Handle diameter (max.):  38mm
Socket diameter:  26mm
Hair:  2-Band Select Badger

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