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Ready Made Shaving Brushes

Don't want to wait for a custom brush?  Here you can choose from a limited stock of shaving brushes ready made for immediate delivery.

Our "Ready Made" Collection consists of:

  • Special order cancellations
  • "Seconds" - fully functional brushes with some cosmetic flaw
  • "Experimental" designs and...
  • Occasionally, brushes that are part of our normal collections

Please note:  we email you a PayPal invoice after you complete the Checkout process and ship your brush the next business day after we receive payment.  As a courtesy to others, we ask you to pay your invoice within 24 hours.  

We hate to have to say this, but if we don't receive your payment within 48 hours, we will assume you've changed your mind and cancel your order.  That way others can have a chance to buy.  Thanks for your understanding.