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28mm Pug Shaving Brush in Black Honey Ebonite

Morris & Forndran 28mm Pug in Black Honey Ebonite

$ 295.00

Pug Shaving Brush in the popular 28mm size, hand-crafted in dramatic Black Honey Ebonite.

Knots available (See our Badger knot types & properties page for further information):

  • 2-band Finest Badger Fan
  • 2-band Finest Badger Hybrid
  • 2-band Finest Badger Bulb
  • 3-band Super Badger Fan
  • 3-band Super Badger Hybrid

     Approximate Dimensions:

    • Total height: 98mm
    • Handle height:  48mm
    • Bristle loft: 50mm
    • Socket diameter: 28mm

    This Pug is also available with BSSW knots and branding for $230.00, plus shipping and handling.  Please let us know if you would like this option when you place your order and we will adjust the price accordingly.  

    BSSW-branded Pugs are available with the following knots:

    • 2-band 1808A2F Select Badger Fan
    • 2-band 1804A2B Select Badger Bulb
    • 3-band 1808A3H Super Badger Hybrid
    • 3-band 1804A3B Super Badger Bulb

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