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The Ebonite Collection


Welcome to The Ebonite Collection!  Ebonite is luxurious.  Ebonite is visually gorgeous, takes a fantastic polish, and feels wonderfully warm to the touch. 

Ebonite is a hard, vulcanized rubber--a natural material, food-graded by the Fresenius Institut in Germany. 

Originally conceived as a substitute for Gabon ebony--an exotic hardwood from which the Ebonite name is derived--Ebonite manufacture has now evolved to include multiple colors:  intricate patterns reminiscent of precious burl woods, Grecian vases and Oriental pottery, to name but a few.  Each piece of Ebonite possesses its own unique patterning and coloring, which means your hand-crafted BSSW or Morris & Forndran Ebonite shaving brush will be unique in all the world.  

Our Ebonite brush handles are polished to what one patron recently described as the brightest shine he has seen on an Ebonite brush.  While we have not seen every maker's Ebonite, and thus cannot validate his assertion, we can say that achieving this degree of polish takes considerable time coupled with numerous inspections from different angles under varying light sources.  We can also say that this "finish" is completely natural.  We apply no waxes, lacquers, etc. that would alter Ebonite's distinctive feel.  Please note however that this high degree of polish does occasionally uncover minor unevenness, usually along color lines and minute "pinholes" most often on the base, but sometimes elsewhere.  These are natural characteristics, much like the grain in wood, that come about during the vulcanization process and are not considered manufacturing defects.

Ebonite brushes are offered one at a time.  As each handle is sold, we will replace it with a picture of another handle as soon as we are able.  Because Ebonite can--and typically does--vary widely, this is your assurance that the brush you order will be the one you receive. 

When you select your handle, please indicate the knot you want on the Order Form. 

We ask for payment in full on BSSW brushes and a $100US deposit for Morris & Forndran brushes due to their extended lead time. We will invoice you through  PayPal and request payment upon receipt.

Please allow 3-4 business days for for us to knot and ship your BSSW brush and 2-3 months for completion of Morris & Forndran brushes.