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Morris & Forndran Ebonite Collection


Welcome to The Morris & Forndran Ebonite Collection! 

Ebonite is a hard, vulcanized rubber--a natural, food-graded product developed as a substitute for Gabon Ebony.  Over time, Ebonite manufacture has evolved to include multiple colors molded into intricate patterns reminiscent of precious burl woods, Grecian vases and Oriental pottery.  Ebonite is luxurious, visually gorgeous, and feels wonderfully warm in the hand.  Each Ebonite brush handle possesses unique patterning and coloring.  Thus, your Morris & Forndran Ebonite shaving brush will be uniquely yours.

Morris & Forndran Ebonite shaving brushes are offered (and priced) based on three factors: 

  • The diameter of the raw material supplied to us by the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer's designation as "standard" or "Limited Edition"
  • And the amount of material used to create the particular brush style.

We request a $100 (US) non-refundable deposit to secure Morris & Forndran Ebonite orders--the estimated lead time for which is currently between two and three months.   More about custom Morris & Forndran shaving brushes here.