The Morris & Forndran Emillion, our April Brush of the Month

A New Project

A New Project

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Over the past two decades the 2XL shaving brush has become a classic.  Designed by Lee Sabini during the time he owned the 200 year old firm of R. A. Rooney & Sons, Ltd, this brush was originally known as the 2XL "Stubby."  The 2XL Stubby was, in fact, just one of several designs based around the same theme.  The Stubby name was eventually assigned to the larger 3-ring handle seen here, and its name shortened to the present "2XL."

Originally turned in one-piece resins, the brush now known as the 2XL Bi-Colour was turned in limited numbers in off-white Bone resin with a Tortoiseshell, 2-ring resin belt, filled with a very special badger hair, and sold as the Heritage Series under the Rooney and, after Mr. Sabini sold Rooney, under the Morris & Forndran brand.

Now the 2XL Bi-Colour has a new assignment--and these two handles are off to Morris & Forndran to take it on. 

Like all Morris & Forndran brush handles made since 2016, these 2XL Bi-Colour handles were hand-turned in our Maryland Eastern Shore workshop.

Stay tuned for updates!