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Morris & Forndran

Custom Morris & Forndran Shaving brushes

Morris & Forndran shaving brushes are considered by many to be the best in the world!  From their classically shaped, hand-crafted handles to their individually hand made knots, Morris & Forndran brushes exemplify the epitome of the brush maker's art. 

We are honored to have been chosen to craft the handles that form the basis of these extraordinary shaving brushes.  Yet the knot (the bristles) is the heart and soul of the shaving brush.

In contrast to most shaving brush knots, Morris & Forndran knots are individually hand-crafted by world-renowned knotmaker Lee Sabini in the United Kingdom to fit each individual handle. This approach is opposite to that taken by most other first-quality brush makers who typically make their handles to accommodate pre-made knots.  And because each knot is custom crafted, Morris & Forndran knots may be specially configured to provide differing forms of "face feel" without substantially altering the amount of bristle loft.

These levels of customization are naturally more costly, and take additional time; but in the end, like classic English Doubles, Morris & Forndran brushes are individually unique in all the world.  

Morris & Forndran knots are currently available in two types of badger hair:  2-band Finest and 3-band Super. (Blonde Badger hair is unavailable at this time.)

All Morris & Forndran knots may be ordered in Bulb, Fan or Hybrid shapes.  As explained elsewhere on this site, Fan knots have hair that's pretty much the same length throughout.  This gives the tops ("crowns") a flatter appearance than the Bulb, which has a more rounded profile.  The Hybrid shape is roughly mid-way between the Fan and Bulb profiles.

Morris & Forndran Lead Times

The lead time on custom Morris & Forndran brushes is currently averaging about three months.  However, due to the vagaries of international commerce, your Morris & Forndran brush could be available in as little as two months--or could take as long as four months.  

(Please be aware: due to U.S. import/export regulations governing products containing animal hair, we can only ship to U.S. and APO/FPO addresses.  For that reason, International orders for custom M&F brushes will be shipped directly from Morris & Forndran in the U.K.