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Morris & Forndran Beehive Bi-Colour 26mm
Morris & Forndran Beehive Bi-Colour 28mm
Morris & Forndran Beehive Bi-Colour 28mm

Beehive 26, 28 Bi-Colour, Morris & Forndran

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The Beehive Bi-Colour shaving brush by Morris & Forndran is the latest embodiment of the iconic Rooney pattern Beehive.  Of the many Beehive variants in existence, we believe the Rooney pattern Beehive, with its nicely rounded beads, is the most artistic--and comfortable--rendering of this classic shave brush.

Like all contemporary Morris & Forndran shaving brushes, each Beehive Bi-Colour is meticulously hand-crafted on a manually-controlled wood lathe in the BSSW Maryland Eastern Shore workshop before being shipped to Morris & Forndran in the U.K.  Once there, Mr. Lee Sabini carefully measures and hand-ties each knot to precisely fit each individual brush.

The Beehive Bi-Colour is turned in 26mm and 28mm sizes.  Shown here in Antique Ivory and Tortoiseshell resins, you may choose other resins from our resin inventory to suit your distinctive taste.

Approximate Dimensions 

Socket Diameter 26mm 28mm
Total Height 96mm 104mm
Handle Height 48mm
Bristle Loft 48mm 54mm
Morris & Forndran Beehive Bi-Colour 28mm