The Morris & Forndran Emillion, our April Brush of the Month

2XL Bi-Colour
2XL Bi-Colour
2XL Bi-Colour

2XL Bi-Colour

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The 2XL Bi-Colour by Morris & Forndran adds a distinctive contrasting belt to what is already a perennial favorite among discerning wet shavers.  As with all custom Morris & Forndran shaving brushes, you are invited to select your preferred Handle materials from our Resin Inventory.

The 2XL Bi-Colour is filled with Morris & Forndran's 2-band Finest in Fan, Hybrid or bulb shape--or the luxurious 3-band Super Badger in Fan or Hybrid shape.

Preferred by many for face lathering, both Lee and I like our 2XLs for bowl lathering as well. the 2XL is most versatile brush!

~~~Please note:  Lee Sabini is the designer and owner of the 2XL brush handle design.  Brad Sears ShaveWorks is the only brush maker currently authorized by Lee Sabini to make 2XL shaving brush handles. 

    Approximate Dimensions

    • Total height: 96mm
    • Handle height:  48mm
    • Bristle loft: 48mm
    • Socket diameter: 28mm


    2XL Bi-Colour