Since 2016, we have had the honor of collaborating with renowned knot maker Lee Sabini by hand-turning Morris & Forndran shaving brush handles.  Additionally, we served as the retail outlet for custom/bespoken Morris & Forndran shaving brushes to patrons across the globe while offering completed brushes to patrons with U.S. addresses in our ReadyMade Collection.  

Although, as of 31 July 2023, we no longer offer Morris & Forndran shaving brushes on a Custom/Bespoken basis, we intend to continue offering M&F brushes alongside our Brad Sears brushes on an irregular basis in the ReadyMade Collection.

Nancy, my wife and business partner, and I (and, of course, Gus!) thank you for your past patronage and invite you continue to check in with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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