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The Stubby Shave Brush by Brad sears Shave Works

The Stubby

$ 170.00

The Stubby shaving brush is a slightly elongated (by 2mm) version of the popular 30mm 3XL.  Often called a "3-Ring XL," the Stubby is a slightly different design, borrowing the raised convex curve in the handle from the Emillion, which makes the Stubby somewhat easier to hold for those of us with larger hands.

We are delighted to offer the Stubby in both Morris & Forndran and BSSW labels in either single or multi-resin handles hand-crafted by master woodturner Brad Sears.  The Morris & Forndran brushes are filled with your choice of Blonde or Finest Badger while the BSSW brushes are filled with our new 2-Band Silvertip knots.  Please see our "Rod Inventory" page for available materials and colors.

Approximate Dimensions

  • Total height: 102-106mm
  • Bristle loft: 50-54mm
  • Knot diameter: 30mm
  • Knot shape: Choice of Bulb or Fan
  • Hair: Choice of Morris & Forndran Blonde or Finest Badger--or BSSW  Silvertip Badger


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