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The CHS Shaving Brush by Brad Sears Shave Works


$ 220.00

The CHS is a disctinctive shaving brush designed for face lathering (although it works well from a bowl or scuttle as well!)  Inspired by our popular "Preacher,"  the CHS is completely hand-crafted from col.849/TM alternative ivory with a contrasting resin "belt." 

Col.849/TM is a special cast polyester with the characteristics of true elephant ivory that's been approved by the Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Trust, and, adding to its pedigree, is also recommended by Garrard of Mayfair, Crown Jewelers to the English Royal Family, for repairs and restoration of real ivory articles. Alternative Ivory has also been used to replace real ivory plaques in Windsor Castle. 

In keeping with its "Royal Heritage," the CHS is filled with 2-band 30mm Badger Hair.  (The CHS can also be had in Morris & Forndran Blonde or Finest Badger. Shown here.)

Like all our shaving brushes, the CHS is made to your order, which means you may request changes to make your new CHS uniquely yours! (Please see or Rod Inventory page for available materials.)

As with all our shaving brushes, The CHS is covered by our
*** One Year Written Guarantee ***


Approximate Dimensions:

Total height:        123mm

Handle height:     52mm

Handle Diameter (max):  47mm

Loft:                     52mm

Knot diameter:    30mm

For any who might be interested, the CHS derives its name in honor of the well-known 19th century English preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  Because the CHS is a shortened version of the larger “Preacher” brush, it has a somewhat “chubby” appearance.  For that reason, a Baptist minister friend suggested naming it, “The Spurgeon” as that gentlemen was also a bit rotund.  After kicking that idea around for a while, we decided to use the Rev. Spurgeon's initials. 

So there you have it.  Extremely ergonomic, the CHS has proven to be one of our more popular designs.

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