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For Face Lathering

The Arley Shaving Brush in Face Lathering Brushes

On this page, we offer some of the finest face lathering shaving brushes available in the world today.  The widely acclaimed Morris & Forndran shaving brushes are suitably complimented by our own line of BSSW Face Lathering brushes.  The Morris & Forndran brushes are available in your choice of Blonde or Finest badger in Bulb, Fan, and now Hybrid (that is: mid-way between fan and bulb) profiles.  Our BSSW brushes come filled with 2-band Manchurian badger hair in either Fan or Bulb shapes.  Moreover, the resin materials used to create your brush handle--whether BSSW or Morris & Forndran--are  "customizable" to fit your distinctive taste.  Just check out our Resin Inventory page to see what's available!

"I've said it before and this new brush from @brad.sears reinforces it for me, I don't think there's a better brush being made today than Brad's 2 band Manchurian series.  Handle is gorgeous and the knot is pure luxury, super soft tips, perfect amount of density to make and release lather." - pomfretsteve on Instagram, 24 Jan. 2017

30mm Manchurian Bulb knots are currently Out of Stock until (probably 1 March.)
We apologize for the inconvenience