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The 200 Series Shaving Brushes by Brad Sears Shave Works are modern replicas of the classic "Barbershop" brushes manufactured 100 years ago by the Rubberset Company of Newark, New Jersey.

The 1921 Rubberset catalog lists the 200 series with handles made from Alberite, a cellulose ester--one of many early plastics obtained by dissolving nitrocellulose (left over from World War I explosive manufacturing) in solvents like acetone, camphor, etc.  Our modern BSSW 200 Series Shaving Brushes ares made from more durable cast polyester resins that you can select from our current Resin Inventory

The 200 Series is hand-crafted in four sizes:

  • The 24mm 200-1 is filled with our BSSW 2-band Silvertip badger in a Fan shape,
  • The 26mm 200-2 may be filled with our BSSW 2-band Silvertip, 2-band Select Badger or 3-band Super Badger hair
  • The 28mm 200-3 may be filled with our BSSW 2-band Select Badger or 3-band Super Badger hair, and
  • The 30mm 200-4 knots are currently out of stock. 

As with all BSSW shaving brushes, the 200 Series comes gift boxed with complete usage & care instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and one-year warranty.

Approximate Dimensions 

Socket Diameter 24mm 26mm 28mm 30mm
Total Height 118mm 126mm 134mm 140mm
Handle Height 70mm 76mm 82mm 88mm
Bristle Loft 48mm 50mm 52mm 52mm


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