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Chichester 26/28/30mm
Chichester 26/28/30mm
Chichester 26/28/30mm

Chichester 26/28/30mm

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The Chichester is our interpretation of the vintage Rubberset B-25, 34, and 46 shaving brushes.  Originally intended to be "Traveler's Shaving Brushes," these time-honored brushes have served as the basis for numerous shaving brushes by major manufacturers and hobbyists alike.

In designing the Chichester, we lengthened the handle and gave it a more ergonomic curve.  At the same time, we straightened and slimmed the ferrule to impart a classic elegance while remaining true to the original design.

The Chichester is hand-crafted in three sizes:  26mm, 28mm, and 30mm.

You may further personalize your Chichester by selecting a favorite handle color from our Resin Inventory.

    As with all BSSW shaving brushes, the Chichester comes gift boxed with complete usage & care instructions, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and one-year warranty.

    Approximate Dimensions 

    Socket Diameter 26mm 28mm 30mm
    Total Height 115mm 121mm 124mm
    Handle Height 63mm 68mm 68mm
    Bristle Loft 52mm 53mm 56mm


          Chichester 26/28/30mm