Archduke II   28mm
Archduke II   28mm
Archduke II   28mm

Archduke II 28mm

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The Archduke II is one of our original designs borrowing the ferrule and contrasting single ring from the Knight but with a shorter 48mm handle.  

The Archduke II is hand-crafted in one size, and may be filled with our 2-Band Estate series or 3-band Super Badger in your choice of colors from our Resin Inventory.  Descriptions and characteristics of our Badger Hair made be found here.

The Archduke II is ideal for face lathering. 

Approximate Dimensions

  • Total height:  98mm
  • Handle height:  48mm
  • Bristle loft: 50mm
  • Knot diameter: 28mm
    Archduke II   28mm